Up Close With Amber Rose And What She’s Up To.

We have Amber rose on the couch today and we are going to discuss about her new looks and what she’s been up to this couple of years.

Host: Welcome to the show.

Amber Rose: Thank you.

Host: You are looking fabulous

Amber Rose: Thank you, you are looking yourself.

Host: What are you up to? Because I know you have a series, only fans that you into. I don’t know if you still do.

Amber Rose: Oh, no, that’s just throwing a pandemic. (laughing) You know people are dying around me.

Host: I know.

Amber Rose: I need to make this money really quick.

Host: So, you’re done with only fans.

Amber Rose:  Yeah

Host: Okay.

Amber Rose: So, I just had a baby in the pandemic hit, maybe like three months later. But I wasn’t doing, I was just doing two.

Host: When you say work, what is the work right now that you’ve done?

Amber Rose: So, I do have some cool things coming up and I can’t really say Tamran, but…

Host: Okay, you were gonna kick down the show of the bro.

Amber Rose: I know, I know. I would tell you, but yeah. But it’s in the works, yeah.

Host: Okay, well I do wanna talk about the slut walk because that was something that I covered even as a journalist because it was such a powerful movement. Because, you know, we keep showing the picture of you. You showed up at an awards show with a jumpsuit with all of the angry words that people had said to you.

Amber Rose: Yeah.

Host: And worse, and you used your power to start the slut walk. Thousands of people followed you and participated because of what you always talk about. Women do something, we are maligned. Men are celebrated.

Amber Rose: Right.

Host: That was a powerful move. Was it a mission accomplished? ’Cause I know you’ve paused it after the pandemic, obviously, was it mission accomplished for you?

Amber Rose: I think so. I mean, I started my slut walk before the Me Too movement, before all these movements started happening. I was at the forefront. And I liked that I started the conversation. I had over 20,000 people show up every year. And I got the conversation going and the Me Too movement started and women have more of a voice now than ever. So, I feel like I did what I was supposed to do.

Host: You know what we haven’t talked about? The hair conversation. Your hair instantly set you apart. The minute you popped up in the paparazzi picture, I think you weren’t so ho or somewhere at first thought. The hair set the stage, you’ve said you’ll never go back to the shaved hair.

Amber Rose: You know, I had that shaved hair for 20 years. I’m tired, I’m bored. I’m still a girl. Like I should’ve. You know, and I felt like I kept it for so long because I’m like, what is it?

Host: What was the statement of the bald hair?

Amber Rose: I think I’m just a rebel in this sense where it’s like, oh, you think I’m beautiful? Okay. You know, shave my head. So…

Host: Is it Amber the professional rebel saying, I’m not gonna go back to this look?

Amber Rose: I think right now I made my mind up, but you know, my mind changes you know.

Amber Rose: But there’s no statement. There’s a hard statement behind me.

Amber Rose: No, I think that’s why I got the braids because I’m so used to waking up with my hair done. So, I’m like, okay, braids like equivalent to that. You know, I don’t gotta straighten in.

Host: Got it.

Amber Rose: And do all that stuff. – Yes, I think that’s why I got the braids kind of like a easy way out.

Host: I like that. Interesting going back to taking a stand against sexism and double standards. You have two boys.

Amber Rose: Yes I do. Sabastian and is now 10, I can’t believe.

Amber Rose: I know.

Host: Slashes four.

Amber Rose: Yes

Host: So here, we are in this world where you are being very vocal about not just what you hear, what you firsthand experience how much of, especially Sabastian and he’s 10 and I can tell you’s precocious.

Amber Rose: Oh yeah.

Host: He’s the smart cookie. How much of what you’ve gone through do you share with him?

Amber Rose: Not much, not much. No.

Host: You shield them from everything?

Amber Rose: I don’t want to shield them from everything, but I’d let them be kids.

Amber Rose: You know, he’s very intuitive, he’ll ask about certain things or, you know, when he gives me, a hard time cleaning up or, you know, I’ll be like, “Do you know what I had to go through?” “I don’t wash my clothes in the tub “and hang them up.” You know, and he’s like, “Okay, mom.” But that’s as far as it goes.

Host: How do you talk to them about respecting women, right? ’Cause my son’s still four. He’s too young to have that. So we’re still at the general respect of people part of him and that’s a struggle for a four-year-old. But now Sabastian is almost in his tweens. and again, what you’ve gone through gives you a certain journey, a certain perspective.

Amber Rose: Yeah.

Host: So when he’s forming who he is as a young man, whatever that is, how do you talk to him about?

Amber Rose: You know, when a mother like me, he just knows. Like, it’s been tidbits throughout his life, you know what I mean? It wasn’t like one huge big conversation. Like, this is how you have to be with women. It’s just, he knows, mom, I would never disrespect, you know, he has a crush now.

Host: Did he come to you and say, “Mom, I’m…

Amber Rose: “He did, he told me that he has a crush and that he thinks about her all day at school. And that is…

Host: Did your heart break? You’re like, “No, my baby.

Amber Rose: You know, it’s just a new level of motherhood for me because he’s like, “Can you call her mom and see if we can go to the movies together?”

Host: Wait, what? He wants a date

Amber Rose: Yeah.

Host: I’ve seen, you’re pretty traditional, kind of not strict, but you’re structured, mom.

Amber Rose: Yes.

Host: Ten years old going on a date, you’re there, I’m assuming.

Amber Rose: Of course. Yes.

Host: And did you say, “Yes, he could go on a date?”

Amber Rose: Of course, yeah. I said, “He can, but I have to be there. I’ll sit in the back, you know.”

Host: So I’m trying to visualize Ambrose hiding behind in the movie theater, spying on Sabastian.

Amber Rose: I can’t believe that myself.

Host: You are working on a lot of new projects. But this, this, YouTube show that you’re doing with your best friend as well, kind of there. How will this be the defining reset for you?

Amber Rose: Again, I just think that it’s finally just an opportunity for me to just be Amber, you know, to show people that I’m very nerdy. I’m very into politics. I’m into, I mean, you just seen like the cooking shows ’cause it just came out, but we’re moving on and we’re doing other things. Moving forward, I also have a podcast where I just interviewed Lucian Greaves, the head of the Satanic Temple and Neil deGrasse Tyson, the astrophysicist. So I like to talk to controversial people and pick their brains and ask them why they do feel the way they feel, you know.

Host: What do you learn from talking to controversial figures? What do you see?

Amber Rose: Well, I know that I’m misunderstood, right? And so when I see someone like Lucian Greaves, for an example, I could say, maybe he’s misunderstood, maybe he’s not, don’t know. And honestly, talking to him, he’s very misunderstood. I’m one of those people like, I want everyone to just be happy, whatever they believe in, it doesn’t matter to me, right? As long as you’re not hurting people, even Neil deGrasse Tyson, he kind of goes against religion because he’s an astrophysicist, he’s a scientist. And so I like to have those, you know, conversations and just pick their brains and kind of see just where it goes.

Host: I had a guess on that as a close friend of yours not long ago, Angela White, aka Black China.

Amber Rose: Yes.

Host: Black China set in that chair that you were in.

Amber Rose: I adore her.

Host: We celebrated her year of sobriety and her reset in introducing herself as Angela White. And I know you guys had friends sometimes they’ll see eye to eye, but you’re back close together. And you told an interviewer, I missed her so much, there were nights that I’ve cried for Black China because she was like a sister to me. We just saw each other in person and it was like, I have my sister back. I love that, I love that.

Host: That female friendships and female relationships can be so powerful and so resetting. And it’s good to see this one.

Amber Rose: Yeah, it’s just great to have her back and sober. I think that’s why we had a separate for a while. But you know, all in all, she’s doing great. And I was actually on the phone with her yesterday. So she’s doing good. I love her. – I got my sister back. – I’m happy too.

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