Movie -:- Shattared Trust

SCENE 1. ADAM’S HOUSE – BEDROOM – NIGHT Jane (35) crying quietly as her husband Adam (39) sleeps peacefully. Moments later, he notices she isn’t sleeping and sits beside her

ADAM Babe, you are not doing this tonight

JANE Let me cry, Adam, I am tired of this whole thing. Why is it so hard for me to conceive?

ADAM But I am not complaining

JANE You don’t want to because you know it will make me feel bad. Deep down, you want another child. A male one this time

ADAM Even if what you say is true, I am the one to get you pregnant, right?

JANE And it is my duty to get pregnant… You are healthy, Adam. I am the problem

ADAM Stop this please. I am no longer liking it. we are both okay and another child will come at God’s appointed time.

JANE When is that? Perhaps when I am too old to carry pregnancy, right? Adam please just let me be.

Adam looks at her totally confused.


Adams making breakfast happily as he is interrupted by Mirabel (7)

MIRABEL Daddy good morning, What’s the occasion?

ADAMS My sunshine, how was your night? There’s no occasion, just wanted to make breakfast for the two most beautiful people on earth.

MIRABEL And why is mummy not helping today?

ADAMS I want her to rest.

MIRABLE I really envy mummy… I pray I get married to a man like you someday.

ADAMS Mirabel, you still too young to be talking about marriage, now go and set the dinning.

MIRABEL But Daddy, am a big girl.

ADAMS Are you done setting the dining? Mirabel goes to set the dinning


Shot opens on Jane in bed sleeping as Adams walks in with tray of food, and wakes her.

ADAMS Baby! Breakfast is ready

JANE Bae, when did you leave the bed?

ADAMS Early enough to make sure the most beautiful woman in the world gets served breakfast in bed.

JANE Why are you so sweet?

ADAMS Because I have a task of keeping the best woman happy so I don’t lose her.

JANE Silly you… What did you make?

ADAMS How about you get up to see for yourself?

JANE Ok baby (Jane sits up) Bae, thank you

ADAMS I made those with tears of love.

Adams phone rings as he quickly silent it, Jane sees the caller and smile secretly.

ADAMS CONT’D Hope you are enjoying it? Let me get you juice so you can step it down.

SCENE 4. DOCTORS OFFICE – DAY Shot opens on Jane seated as Doctor walks in.

JANE Doctor, what is the result this time?

DOCTOR It is the same thing, Jane. There is nothing wrong with you medically.

JANE Why then haven’t I been able to conceive?

DOCTOR These things happen. I know I am a medical practitioner and shouldn’t be saying this, but you are a friend so I will say it, the ways of the Lord are different from ours. I am sure he will give you another child at His appointed time.

JANE When is this time, Doctor? I am not getting younger

DOCTOR Which is why, I would advise we start the process by cutting down your weight first.


Jane leaves

Ok doctor, thank you; I should be on my way now.

DOCTOR You should inform your husband; he would be of great support to you through this journey

JANE I really don’t want to bother him, but if you insist on that I would do so.

SCENE 5. INT. BEDROOM – NIGHT Jane lost in thought as Adams talks to her from the bathroom.

ADAMS Baby, what’s bothering you? You have been quiet since I got back today.

JANE Babe, I’m alright, nothing is wrong

ADAMS Are you sure?

JANE Yes, am fine.

ADAMS Ok if you say so, guess what? I miss you

JANE I miss you more


Then loosen up and play with dzady

JANE Show me the grey hair that makes you a dzady

ADAMS I have spiritual grey

JANE Spiritual dzady, Weldon They laugh as Adams plays with her but she is less interested

SCENE 6. ADAMS HOUSE – BEDROOM – DAY Jane in bed scrolling through her phone as tears rolls down her face.


SCENE 7. ADAMS HOUSE – LIVING ROOM – DAY Mirabel runs into the living room with Adams as the look for where to hide.

MIRABEL Daddy let’s hide behind the couch

ADAMS She will find us. Let’s hide behind the entrance door.

MIRABEL There is only one entrance.

ADAMS You go and hide. Hurry. Mirabel runs and hides as Adams bends behind one of the couch and Jane comes in.

JANE Where are they now? Where are they? She goes behind the chair and catches Adams as the start laughing

JANE CONT’D Where is the lady now? Where is she?

ADAMS I don’t know. Maybe you should check the kitchen. Jane goes to the kitchen as Adams goes to Mirabel

ADAMS CONT’D Run outside now. Mirabel steps to run as Jane comes out and catches her and they start laughing.

SCENE 8. ADAMS HOUSE – BEDROOM – MORNING We see Jane and Adams pillow fighting. There is passage of time as Jane pretends to be hurt, and Adams stops for a while and she continues the pillow fight.


SCENE 9. ADAMS HOUSE – DINNING – EVENING Camera captures phone on the dinning as Jane sets table for dinner, phone beeps and Jane looks at it with a smile of disbelieve. Just then Adams walks in.

ADAMS A penny for your thought

JANE It’s nothing babe, it just amazes me how you love and care for me so much.

ADAMS Baby I am supposed to be saying thank you, you are a gift I would be forever grateful to God for and I love you to the ends of the earth. (He kisses her)

JANE Babe and I love… (phone rings)

ADAMS Baby I need to get this, please. Adams walks out of shot while on call as Jane continues setting the table.

SCENE 10. ADAMS HOUSE – BEDROOM – MORNING Jane is on call with Destiny (37)

JANE Destiny, Adams is cheating on me.

DESTINY VO What? How did you catch him?

JANE I saw it on his phone, the lady sent him a text

DESTINY VO Wait! Are you saying you saw a text on his phone? It could be his sister or even a colleague from work

JANE I see, so, he had to excuse himself to answer her call, right?

DESTINY VO And you think that’s enough proof that your husband is cheating?

JANE I am a lady, Destiny, and the funny part is that he still has the guts to look me in the eyes and lie to me, who does that?

DESTINY VO Sis calm down, please careful when you want to handle the situation so you don’t end up ruining your home. At least have enough evidence so he won’t deny it when you try confront him.

JANE I am sure of what I saw

DESTINY VO I know you are sure, all I’m saying is. . . I need to go now, my boss is here. JANE

Ok bye

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