One On One Exclusive Interview With The Amazing Gyakie.

Hey guys, Today I’m here with Jackie Wow, I’m super super happy to be able to interview you I always wanted to interview you, but I miss you at the global citizens and the headies, I’m like this time I’m not gonna miss you at all I’m so excited that we’ve finally been able to have this interview.

Interviewer: How are you doing?

Jackie: I’m good. How are you?

Interviewer: I’m fine. Thank you. I want to know how long you’ve been in the industry.

Jackie: I’ve been doing music for I think it’s been four years now Yes, and so there’s still a lot of years ahead and I’m working hard towards that.

Interviewer: Yes, and I can’t wait to see more years pass by and you do better and better?

Jackie: I see you doing big things in the future as well

Interviewer: Thank you. I would like to know Out of all the countries you’ve traveled to which one is your favorite?

Jackie: I actually don’t have a favorite because every country that I’ve gone to I’ve always had like a good experience. Aside the fact that’s maybe I would have some relaxations and see some sites my performances in all those countries have all been very unique.

Interviewer: I like that because usually people will point out okay, I like this country better than this one but you said you like them all and that’s pretty cool.

Jackie: Yeah, and that’s because I’ve actually had fun in all the countries That I’ve gone to

Interviewer: Yeah, I also have fun in all the countries that I travel to With Ghana being the one of the most fun.

Jackie: Really?

Interviewer: Yes,

Jackie: So how long have you been here for?

Interviewer: I’ve been here for two years. I live here

Jackie: Don’t go back. We really want you here. So don’t go back.

Interviewer: Do you have a favorite childhood memory that you remember?

Jackie: Yeah, that has to be when I Recorded a song with my dad in the studio for the first time. I did an actual recording. I was very very young So that’s one memorable moment I have as a child.

Interviewer: Oh, wow that is a very very nice memory to have, it’s kind of reminds me when I started and look at me now.

Jackie: Yeah, that’s a good thing to remember.

Interviewer: So, what inspires you to do the kind of music you do?

Jackie: Mysongs are inspired by the way I grew up and most of the time I look at the things around my environment and use it to write songs.

Interviewer: Final question do you have any encouraging words for children and adults?

Jackie: Yeah, one thing that I’ll say for sure is always be consistent No matter where you find yourself. Whatever you start with make sure you keep it at the same pace and do not give up.

Jackie: Thank you, well guys stay glued for another one.

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