Movie Review – Hustle And All You need To Know.

Hustle was a new basketball drama starring Adam Sandler that’s currently on Netflix. That’s about a basketball scout played by Sandler who discovers a phenomenal street ball player while in Spain and sees this prospect as his opportunity to get back into the NBA. If you didn’t know I’m a huge Adam Sandler fan. I’ve liked him ever since I was a kid.

I’ve liked all the movies for the most part that critics for some reason hated not every movie but you know the water boys funny big daddy’s funny happy Gilmore Billy Madison these are fucking hilarious movies despite what so many critics said and of course I’ve always really like when Sandler decides to go serious movies like Punch Drunk Love rain over me spanglish to an extent most recently uncut gems because he’s a phenomenal actor and just like the majority of people who are known mostly for comedy they’re really good when they do other things because comedy is fucking hard.

It’s maybe the hardest of all genres to really get right and it takes a lot of talent to do it and people who are great at it make it look easy and Sandler is one of the greats and so to see him in movies like this I always get really excited and he is once again really good as this character. The basketball scout who at one point in time did have a history in the NBA but because of various issues in life was not able to proceed with his career.

He has a young daughter with his wife played by Queen Latifa and he’s really ready to stop going out on the road for weeks and weeks and disappearing looking for potential basketball players that might be great. He’s at that age where he’d really love to coach and once he finds this marvelous basketball player in Spain it seems like his way in but of course he gets personally wrapped up in the story of this guy who’s got a lot of life issues of his own who really needs to succeed for the betterment of himself but also his family and I found this movie incredibly such a very well acted.

The basketball action is awesome it is filled with so many cameos from basketball legends off the court and on the court but I’m also just selfishly happy that Sandler finally got to do a movie involving basketball because from what I understand it’s his favorite sport he’s really good at it I’ve seen plenty of videos of him playing but he’s always done other sports and movies like golf or football so I can imagine this movie was probably a giant fanboy experience for him getting to meet so many of these legends and also work with him,

but he was really really good in it at this point we’ve seen a lot of inspirational sports movies but it’s a formula that when it’s done well it always works if you make a good inspirational sports drama or an inspirational sports comedy whatever people always feel something and hustle works because of the performances because of the characters but also a lot of smaller messages that are in the film.

For instance Sandler’s daughter wants to be a filmmaker and so he sees this opportunity to get her into some of these practice games to film them because most kids her age wouldn’t have the opportunity to make videos like that and I found that very inspiring and I think it’s a great message not only for today’s parents who have kids who are interested in things that maybe they’re not interested in to allow them to pursue that but also for kids who watch the movie maybe there’s a way for them to be able to connect with their parents interest using their passion and doing so little moments like that in this movie really elevated it for me.

Beyond the traditional sports drama with a lot of films like this you go into it kind of having an idea of how it might end but if it’s all well done you don’t care along the way you really just want to see that happen you want to see some of these people succeed and you don’t really know if the movie’s going to give you that or how it’s going to give you that and I appreciated that hustle had a way of telling its story that felt conventional in a warm and fuzzy way but added a sense of grit and realism to it by it’s mostly handheld camera work and it’s realistic characters I really enjoyed this movie if you haven’t checked it out yet it is on Netflix.

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