Kanye West Hits Corey Gamble Hard, Reveals Dirty Secrets

It is absolutely no news that Kanye is not a sworn enemy of the ca-jenners, and because of this, we see him spilling their tea without hesitation. But this time, he’s got some things to say about Kris Jenner’s boyfriend, Cory Gamble, and best believe that they are not pleasant things at all. We know Cory is Kris Jenner’s sweetheart, but Kanye doesn’t think he’s such a sweet person. In fact, Kanye believes that Cory is a godless person. Now, there was a time when Kanye West took to Instagram to shake Cory, saying he was godless, and that God has plans to remove the godless.

Now, here is his exact word. God has a plan to remove the godless. Cory never needed to be here anyway, and I think he’s a nice person, not a great person. A nice person who used to be around Puffs family, then got around Justin Bieber, and then when Kris got divorced, he split in. Now, guys, this was a lot coming from Kanye West, and that post definitely got us assembling some connectives regarding Cory’s relationship with Justin Bieber and Diddy.

First off, the internet is buzzing with rumors that Diddy groomed Justin Bieber, just like he did usher. Like, there was a time when he gave Justin Bieber a house and a car at a very young age, which made people wonder what his actual plans were for Justin, considering his history of having sexual relationships with underage boy. Now Cory has some relationship with Diddy, just like with other high profile people in the industry, like Steve Harvey, Jay-Z, and other. In fact, we believe he’s really close to Diddy because he posted a picture of himself in Diddy’s late ex-girlfriend when Diddy hosted a birthday party in memory of her.

So guys, you can see that there’s a close relationship between Diddy and Cory, which makes us believe, according to Kanye West accusations, that Cory may have been put in Justin’s life to monitor him, and to make sure he keeps his mouth shut, concerning all the things Diddy and his label are probably having him do. Sounds very wild, right? Well, we say this because it’s possible that Cory is a handler in the industry, and he’s keeping it undercover.

So guys, I’d like y’all to consider this fact. Cory doesn’t have a Wikipedia profile, which is a huge sign that he’s probably into some shady things. I mean, many famous people have Wikipedia pages, and everyone knows something about their history background or others, but Cory has nothing, except info on his hometown in Witty Study. This information totally begs the question, why is Cory so secretive about himself? What’s he possibly hiding from people? Now, Cory wants to work with Justin Bieber as his tour manager, and it was also during this period.

He met Chris and Abiza, and they started hanging out together. So yes, Kanye believes that Cory was a handler for Justin when he was using. And this might be true, because when Kanye West was talking about his personal trainer, who was secretly working as a handler and threatening to institutionalize him, he mentioned something about wondering who was in the house around his children, and we suspect that he was referring to Cory.

If Harley was part of intelligence, right, what kind of people you think are surrounding my kids? What kind of people you think are in that house right now? Handlers are generally believed to be some personal ace to celebrities, but on a deeper level, labels and other authorities use them to keep these celebs in check by making sure they don’t do anything that the label or the company don’t want them to do. So is it possible that Cory was sent to

the the ca-janners to monitor some things about them? Well, I guess we might find out soon enough.

I mean, Kanye already hinted at this in his Instagram post when he said, “He got my wife linked up with the liberals in a deep way, that was his job. For some reason, I always felt he worked for DuPont or some other organization in that pedigree. Now he’s off to his next mission. His job is done.” But yes, it is highly possible that Justin Bieber was being monitored by Cory when he was still under the wrong influence and bowing to certain people like Diddy. Cory was sent to Justin. So he could keep him in check, but Chris Jenner has refused to see Cory in light. Of how Kanye West describes him.

Even though Cory does several weird things around the house, she doesn’t think anything’s wrong with him. So first, she doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with the fact that Cory’s family is unknown to them. And this is one of the things that Kanye believes is a serious concern. I mean, how can you be dating someone who you allow around your kids and grandkids, and you don’t even know his family?

But some members of the Kardashian family, like Chloe, had given some thought to Kanye’s suggestions about this man, and she opened up to fans, saying, “Cory does tend to be pretty secretive, and that does have me pretty guarded. We don’t know Cory like that.” Can you imagine that? Cory’s got some people in that house feeling uncomfortable, and Kris Jenner probably doesn’t even care about any of this.

She’s against the fact that Kanye West speaks out against Cory, and is unwilling to consider that what Kanye and others are saying might be true. “I think it’s really unfair to direct this attitude towards Cory.” Almost everyone believes that Kris and Cory’s relationship is more of business than more and out of love, considering Kris Jenner’s status and how much money she has. Many people think she is just Cory’s sugar mama, and that Cory’s just enjoying her money and the income with being Kris Jenner’s boyfriend.

And inside a reveal to People magazine that Cory has no plans to marry in Kris Jenner, and this is all the more reason why we are suspicious of his true motives around the ca-Jenner. And also, Cory doesn’t have a good history with his ex, Sheree Buchanan. Sheree has also exposed Cory as being an opportunist and a stalker. The start opened up in an interview where she said, “I know Cory. He’s all about power and money, and we’ll do whatever it takes to get it, but Sheree didn’t just stop there.” She also said that Kris Jenner wasn’t Cory’s type, and that Chloe was more his type than Kris.

But because of Kris’ money and power, he definitely stick around. She also exposed that Cory physically abused her and would come to her house unannounced, because he somehow got the keys to her plate, which made her change the lock of her house. So that’s it guys on Cory. As you can see, there are so many shady things happening around him, and we can’t help but fear for the car Jenner’s, as this guy seems to be a pretty dangerous person from what certain people are saying. But who knows, we may just be wrong about him. So we’ll keep an eye out for anything that may change that narrative in the future.

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