I Wrote Bo No Ni – Joe Mettle Sets The Record Straight

Host: So, I’m seated and I did mention that I’m going to have a special guest joining me today. He’s someone that I know you all love. Well, guess what Joe Mettle is in the house. How are you doing?

Joe Mettle: I’m good.

Host: It’s been a fantastic year for you.

Host: Yea, it has been a great year.

Joe Mettle: It has been a great year.

Host: It has been more money, more enjoyment.

Joe Mettle: Why not? God has blessed us.

Host: Joe, tell us a bit about your year 2023. We are in 2024, what’s it been like?

Joe Mettle: 2023 was a great year, I think it’s was a very fruitful year. We’ve had outreach. You know, the ministry has grown. The family is changing and there’s so much going on. I’ve had to do like a lot of services and traveling and all that. So I would say, I probably have been away for like seven months.

Host: Seven months?

Joe Mettle: Yes, Seven months out of a country, Performing and recording as well and then I had the chance of releasing a few singles and I’ve done a few features. It’s been a blessing.

Host: Charlie, you’ve worked hard, I see how you’re nodding.

Joe Mettle: yea, it’s was a blessed year.

Host: There were rumours that your award-winning song Bo No Ni was written by Luigi McClean, can you clarify the rumours now that you are here?

Joe Mettle: Yeah, I wrote Bo No Ni. Luigi McClean, how do I put it? Is like a brother more or less. Yeah. He’s been with me for years and he works with me. But then he was released to be able to do his own stuff. So that’s what he’s doing now. I featured him on Bo No Ni. So he has the right to the song, he can perform it anywhere

Host: What keeps you going?

Joe Mettle: I say first of all my anchored relationship my God because I think the more you know him the more you know what he wants you to do and the path he wants you to walk. There’s nothing amazing than knowing that your path has already laid before you and whenever you receive what to do you just walk in it.

Host: So, what’s the advice you will give to the youth out there who looks up to you?

Joe Mettle: The advice I will give to the youth is that, they should give their lives to God, they should serve him well and everything will fall in place.

Host: Thank you so much Joe, you have set the record straight, you wrote Bo No Ni and not Luigi McClean, so all those of you out there spreading false rumours this is your answer. Once again thank you for speaking to me.

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