Exclusive Interview With Vic Mensah And Jeremih At Black Star Line Festival

Host: I’m very honored to meet you and if you don’t know him, he is Vic Mensa and he’s one of my favorite artists. It’s an honor to meet you.

Vic Mensa: Thank you so much.

Host: So, first question, what disciplines did you learn in order to be where you are today?

Vic Mensa: I think probably the biggest piece of discipline is just learning that when it becomes difficult to express yourself creatively you have to push throug. Every time that you feel this isn’t working or get frustrated, in overcoming those moments is how you really build your practice.

So when I started rapping in high school, I would just be in the house for hours upon hours every day writing raps and that’s how I got to this point. So now it’s no different. Now it’s not easier, It’s been more hours upon hours and carrying on that discipline I think discipline and patience are the most important things for achieving success.

Host: I have to agree with you on that one because if you don’t have patience, when hard things come along the way, you just give up automatically and you don’t have a chance to see what you can accomplish.

Vic Mensa: Yes, You gotta stay down till you come up.

Host: For you my readers, take note of this. This is how you get to your success.  And final question. Do you have any encouraging words for kids watching?

Vic Mensa: Yeah, my encouraging words for kids watching is to focus on your individualism, what makes you and if you are inspired to create music or create art or do journalism broadcast like you’re doing, trust your intuition. It’s all about trusting your intuition and being yourself. Don’t try to be nobody else. Be influenced but make your influences help to build who you are.

Host: Yeah, I agree with you on that one because if you try to copy your influences, you might not even get to where you truly are. So you guys always be yourself. Always be original. It’s gonna help you skip to success. Thank you so much.

Vic Mensa: Thank you too and have a great time in Ghana.

Host: Today we have here Jeremiah.

Jeremih: You know what? Since I’ve been in Ghana they call me Jeremiah so I’m Jeremiah today you know what I’m saying but I’m Jeremih where I’m from

Host: Okay So because you’re from Chicago I want to know what’s your favorite pizza

Jeremih: Oh you know what people don’t know I love baggots pizza but I also love Thai for for sure

Host: Wow, so is this your first time here Ghana?

Jeremih: My very first time in Ghana yes

Host: How you like it so far?

Jeremih: I’m loving it we actually spoke to stay two more days but I might stay longer than that So we’ll figure it out you know

Host: Wow Yeah Ghana is a very nice place I move from the Bronx to here and I live here now and it’s amazing. So what would you tell a person from back home about your experience here in Ghana?

Jeremih: As far, is being unforgettable I can’t wait till I come back I feel like since I got off the plane I already knew it was a different atmosphere Everybody was kind of like you know loving it I mean I got a lot of love out here, You know for the comfort of Chicago and out here, Well it’s always good to know when people like know your records so far away you know. What I’m saying is it wasn’t even just like one song it was every song So I was like okay I feel right at home you know. But what would I say though? Y’all should come out here

Host: Yeah, and you never know you might think that it’s not so good but it’s a great place you guys should definitely come over

Jeremih: Yeah.

Host: Thanks for passing through.

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