Exclusive Interview With Best Selling Author Lisa Nichol

Host: Please welcome to the seat. Lisa Nichol. I mean when you see yourself on stage and you are giving this advice. It is real. It comes from a space of familiarity because you know what it feels like to be a single mom not knowing where the next dollar is going to come from to take care of your family. So that’s what I see when you are telling people don’t sit on the sidelines. If you sat on the sidelines you wouldn’t be here.

Lisa Nichol: I would not be here. I was in the back looking up. I never forget the journey and I was in Dubai there and the audience was very different, very diverse, 8,000 people and oftentimes I walk out on stage and I’m still in awe at the journey and that moment was a moment of saying I’m going to stop asking for permission. I’m not serving anybody by asking can I let my light shine.

Host: Yeah

Lisa Nichol:  And so yeah I get emotional still because I go some people would say we’re not supposed to have this. But who are we listening to?

Host: Right and that’s the thing. You know even with you, with you and your journey, the last time I saw you, you got married on a beach in Bahamas and you gave your permission to want more love. You were 55 years old when you got married.

Lisa Nichol: For the first time.

Host: For the first time and there would have been people that said first time married at 55 you should just give up. You might know. I’m giving my first self permission to walk more love and this is my man. And we’re going to do it at this age. And this is my time.

Lisa Nichol: This is my time. So people didn’t tell me to give up at 55. They were telling me to give up at 45. At 40 you too old and I realized first of all love is your birthright. Love is your birthright. It’s not an option. It’s not a hook up. It’s not just for some people. It’s your birthright. And bigger than that healthy love.

Host: Yeah, and that’s what we were talking about. You know this whole 2024 when I was talking with the team. I said sometimes you feel how I have enough or I have what I need. And it’s like I’m okay with wanting more. Some people say oh you know there are people who have worse. Absolutely. There are people who have it better. And I wanted to have what I’m supposed to have. I don’t want to compare it to the worst case or the best case.

Lisa Nichol: To recognize that good people should do very well.

Host: Yes.

Lisa Nichol: Because when good people do well good people do more good.

Host: Exactly, So you have affirmations which I love to help people embrace the journey. It’s 2024. Beginning of the new year we all know we have these bucket lists of okay I’m gonna do this, this year because I didn’t do it last year. But so much of facing the day is affirming to yourself.

Lisa Nichol: Yes.

Host: That you deserve more, You deserve these good things. You deserve that dream that’s in your head to become more than a dream.

Lisa Nichol: And there’s a process to do it so that it sticks. It shouldn’t be wishful thinking. It should be ownership. Like that’s my future and I need to paint a clip.

Host: The distinguish for people the difference absolutely. Distinguish the difference between wishful thinking. Because people get trapped in the wishful thinking bucket.

Lisa Nichol: Yes. And you gotta watch out because wishful thinking releases endorphins. So you actually have a momentary natural high. It feels good to dream. Yeah. And then life happens. You will like oh man right. And so you got one minute of utopia and then like five years of misery. That ain’t helping. I’m working for nobody. I’m the action coach. I ain’t about dream. I’m about action right. So first of all you have to attach your worthiness to what you want. I’m worthy of it because if you don’t believe you’re worthy of it it’s just wishful thinking. So work on your worthiness. I’m worthy of it. I’ve done enough. I’ve climbed enough. I’ve cried enough. I prayed enough. I am enough. I woke up enough. That’s number one.

Host: Yeah.

Lisa Nichol: Number two. Number two is to create clear goals. Not ambiguous goals. I’m gonna be rich someday. I’m gonna have love someday. If you can’t circle the day on the calendar the day doesn’t exist. Then daily action You can’t just stay on social media watching her life from my life and get your life.

Host: I love it, So you have this special affirmation that you’re going to lead us in the affirmation.

Lisa Nichol: I am. So I want you to own the words. So take a deep breath and say to yourself, I am here by design. I own my life, I own my brilliance, I woke up enough. I’m courageous, I’m perfect in my imperfection, I’m elevating every aspect of my life. 2023 gave me evidence of how strong I am, My 2024 is filled with more self love, more celebration. more abundance and more abundance. 2024 get ready because I’m coming for the next best version of myself.

Host: Well you have my heart racing. You got to come back and keep us on track.

Lisa Nichol: I would love to.

Host: Okay. We’re going to see Lisa every month.

Lisa Nichol: It’s a day.

Host: Give it up for Lisa and it goes. Thank you so much for coming and I will love to see you again.

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